Get Book Reviews Today

On May 2, 2013, in WSO Products, by Billy

Get Book Reviews Today

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Get Book Reviews Today

Attention writers and publishers...

“I Finished My Book...Now Where The #$%! Are All My SALES?”

How to receive Authority Book Reviews without spending a fortune ...and start selling ebooks by the TRUCKLOAD!

Dear Warrior,

If you want to cash in on the Kindle revolution (and turn the world’s biggest market for ebooks into your personal ATM machine) then this may be the most important thing you will ever read.

Here’s why.

You need reviews to help sell more books.

Book reviews give consumers a sense about what's in a book and it helps them to decide if the book is worth their time and money.

Book reviews create social proof and they help push readers into making a buy decision.

It’s something most publishers never think about: More than 85% of all Amazon and Kindle readers go straight to the book reviews before considering purchasing a book online.

Without respected reviewers and quality reviews to inform your readers decisions, they are far less likely to make a purchase.

It could even be said that your book reviews are in some ways more important than your book itself!


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