[Get OFFLINE SEO Clients] Without Ever Picking Up The Phone or Leaving the House!

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Getting clients is the #1 problem most people doing SEO for offline clients have!

Lets face it we are marketers not sales people so marketing face to face or
cold calling leads can be very intimidating.

It keeps most people from earning as much as they can

I struggled with this myself. So eventually I decided to hire a sales staff.
That turned into a nightmare because I learned that I had to train the
sales people on all things SEO so they could sell my services.

I one day came upon a blog post that changed the way I thought about
marketing to offliners. It gave me a whole new system for finding new leads
using 100% online tactics, I never had to go out and visit a business or
cold call any one. The only skill it requires is the ability to write.

The other day I was telling a friend about this method and was actually
suprised to learn that no one else is tapping into this known resource for finding
Seo clients.

No one is using this technique to find SEO Clients as I do

Once you learn how to use this technique
Never again will you have to;

  • Knock on Local Business Doors
  • Cold Call Businesses
  • Hire and Train a Sales Team
  • Do Any Face to Face Marketing
  • Hand Out Flyers
  • Buy Advertisements
  • Mail Out Postcards
  • Worry About Improving Your Website Rankings
  • Buy any FB, PPC, PPV (or any other type of paid adverts)
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