Get Your Hands On The Proven Tools GUARANTEED to Make You Filthy RICH (Now Accepting Affiliates)

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The sections of the PDF are:

  1. Basic stuff - things you will need to get started.
  2. Setting everything up.
  3.  Importance of Split Testing.
  4.  Call to Action Buttons - Examples of best practices (lots of screenshots and commentary). Also links to articles as well as a tutorial on making effective call to action buttons with Photoshop (and Gimp?).
  5.  The 101 Greatest Advertising Headlines Ever Written - Each of the headlines has made millions for the products they were written for. Although some of the language is a bit dated it would be very easy, of course, to take the headlines and adapt them.
  6. Advanced Prosper202 - The nitty-gritty of the more advanced tweaks used by the biggest publishers.
  7. More on landing pages - including his landing page template with working geo-targeting. Also covers excellent suggestions for effective landing page construction, some of which I had not seen anywhere else. Joe points out how this design flaw is costing publishers who don't know about this big time.
  8. Best practices to securing your Prosper202 - advanced.
  9. Making a SSL secured Prosper202 - very advanced.

Note: In sections 8 and 9 you might be very surprised to find out what tricks your competitors (and your CPA/affiliate networks) are up to.

In addition to the PDF there is a folder of "resources" which contains:

  • ctrmod
  • landing page
  • Prosper202 - ready to install (or the url is in the PDF if you prefer)
  • cloakerrotator
  • fbcloaking
  • iplist
  • Moddedrotator
  • Simplerotator

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