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Value: $7

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Ok… Let’s get serious.

Here’s what really happened. Remember those good ol’ PPC days?

I was making a killing online back then but I was… not satisfied… so to speak. I quickly realized that if I could take away the ‘cost’ of my PPC efforts… I would easily double my earnings online.

And that would mean that I had to finally get my hands dirty on SEO.

However I didn’t have the knowledge and time to re-learn all the SEO stuff back then.

Which Is Why I Sent A “SPY” To Steal All The Secrets From Those SEO Experts And Infiltrate The Likes Of Google Themselves.

The Spy’s mission was simple. He was to do whatever it takes to find out how to rank well on semi-competitive niches in the shortest amount of time as possible.

The mission was on. He began to rummage the forums… pillage every SEO course he could get his hands on… He even seeked out Google Insiders and grinded them subtly to just to see if he could find any missing ingredients.

He reversed engineered those High Ranking sites… and he came back with a power that surprises even me.

Long story short…


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