Hanging Up My Cold Calling Headset

On April 10, 2013, in WSO Products, by Billy

Hanging Up My Cold Calling Headset

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"The Four Yeses"
Email Prospecting for Offline Marketers
How to generate a 50%+ response rate with a template email series

The Four Yeses
Here is a system that:

  • Delivers an enthusiastic, positive response from a business owner from the very first contact
  • Creates goodwill and sets the stage for reciprocity
  • Easily able to be replicated
  • Delivers multiple (4) ‘yeses’ from the decision maker
  • Will fill your pipeline within 3-4 days, anytime you need more clients
  • Advantageously positions your business and services
  • Creates and develops confidence
  • Aids in closing your clients quickly

If you are an offline consultant that constantly skips steps, sells too early, or ‘takes’ before you ‘give’… ‘The Four Yeses’ is not for you (unless you want to learn how to avoid these business-killing habits)

If you need your pipeline filled and need a long term business for yourself and your family, built on proven principles, ‘The Four Yeses’ might be just what you need.

If you need an email based prospecting system that quickly and consistently warms a cold email address into a real relationship, ‘The Four Yeses’ is definitely for you.

This is training for offline marketers looking for a proven prospecting system to consistently ‘warm’ an ice-cold prospect, via email, and begin building a relationship and platform from which to sell your services (all without having to ever pick up the phone and dial an unknown person ever again)

You will train your prospects to continue saying “yes” to you four times before they buy from you. It is so much easier to sell your highly valuable services to someone who has already said yes to you once.

My advice – Make the decision today to give up on the “push-button” pipe-dream and learn a logical, proven system to deliver the leads you need. If you’re going to sell via email- you have to build a responsive relationship before anyone will consistently buy from you.

When you buy 'The Four Yeses' you get:

  • An 18 page step-by-step guide to proper email prospecting
  • The four-yeses email templates for you to use in your business
  • Tips and tricks I learned to make the entire process run super smoothly (there’s a google plugin that will save you a ton of time!)
  • How to replicate the process over and over
  • The domain name you must select in order to make this work



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