Has Your Site Dropped In Rankings: Extract Yourself From The Google Penalty Nightmare Right Now

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This WSO is the best presentation/explanation of how to do smart/sensible/SEO that I’ve come across in a long time, over and above it’s main point re dealing with being ‘clobbered’ by Google down to page #100 out of the blue. To me that aspect of the WSO was a bonus as there’s so much other good stuff in here.

No, it’s not for the ‘quick fix ‘ brigade but, as a guy who makes a full-time living online and having half my income coming from client site builds and good SEO, I found a load/ton/mass of quality content here that I will definitely use to ‘raise my game’ for my sites and those of my clients from here on in.

Great job!

PS: Apart from my being a fellow Brit I have no connection with the chap behind this WSO. I paid full price (and the OTO which made sense to me to buy.)

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