[HOT COPY TEMPLATE] Your very own '€œplug and play'€ sales letter template?

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HOTCOPYTEMPLATE-20140103These are the incredible benefits of my underground sales letter template...

1-Easy to use and intuitive – You will find tags on the template. You only have to fill in the blanks and you're ready to go!

2- Proven to convert like crazy– I already tested this template with my products and it's proven to convert like there's no tomorrow!

3- No copywriting skills needed– I did all the heavy work for you so you can download the template, plug and play it...and reap the sales!

4- In an hour or so you can have your own sales letter ready to persuade visitors and turn them into paid customers.

5- Forget about hiring expensive copywriters – "Hot Copy Template" is the definitive tool in your Internet Marketing arsenal that will earn you THOUSANDS of dollars, save you time and ultimately make you TONS of sales!

6- Use it over and over again– If you're launching several products per month, no problem... Just change a few things here and there…and you're ready to go!

7- The template comes in two different versions: .DOC and .ODT (for Microsoft Word and Open Office).


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