HOT SEO – The Panda Has Been Tamed -Proof Inside- 15K s/mo Keywords Ranking High in under 40 days?

Value: $19.95

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Review: Just received it! Glanced thru it! My quick review:

It is a system that is all laid out for you on what to do each week and next couple of months.

It involves: Blogs; Articles; Twitter; YouTube and FaceBook. Also, to do it faster- you might plan on spending $57 for additional linking software (Not a OTO- just their recommendation).

Having said that it is the first SEO system that I have seen yet- that incorporates Social Media- that makes sense to me.

The linking strategies are very solid and again make perfect sense – easy to see why you would rank so fast for high competition keywords.

It does take work – so plan on spending about 30 minutes a day for the first couple of weeks on your site. (this is good because not everyone will do it). Then you will go into 1-1.5 Hours a weekly mode for the next couple of months.

All in all I’m very excited to start implementing this on two new sites I’m creating. It’s Newbie friendly – just follow the checklist.

It also gives you a great idea on what direction you should head with the new Panda updates. It confirmed a-lot for me on where I should be heading and gave me some great idea’s to build on. Was kind of surprised they left out Google +, but that will also fit in perfectly with this strategy!

Good stuff- you should grab it fast! Easily worth $97 or more. Great Stuff Panda Dundee Dude!


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