[*HOTT] Offline Client Attraction – Reverse Cold Calling Secrets Revealed


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Dear Consultants and Local Offliners,

Since my last WSO I have interviewed over 100 buyers and the number one challenge they had was getting clients. The participants number one complaint was that they HATED COLD CALLING.

I can completely relate, you see… I’m somewhat of an introvert. I had to sit back and think about when I actually used to cold call or talked to businesses before OFFLINE MARKETING was a niche. Trying to get prospects and even some clients to understand what I was trying to tell them.

The fear… rejection… feeling in the pit of my stomach right before I would pick up the phone or when making attempts at networking and explaining my services .

Most businesses just didn’t get it! Yes I became so frustrated I wanted to give up. Fortunately at the time I had a “Job” so my income didn’t depend totally on getting clients.


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