How Do You Make Apps?

On July 12, 2013, in E-books & Course, by Billy

How Do You Make Apps?

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Chapter List

1. Why Apps?

We begin with discussing the current status of the App Industry, as well as that of the future growth potential. We cover off all of the facts and figures that shows the industry to be much, much more than meets the eye!

2. The "Idea" Mindset

In this chapter, we discuss something that has never before been explained. Throughout the chapter we delve into the thought process behind some brilliant apps that are available today and how you can develop an app oriented mindset yourself. This ensures a sustainable pipeline of million dollar app ideas to keep the money flowing in!

3. Planning

We look closely at the planning process and break it down into pieces to ensure you have a thorough understanding of what you are planning to build. Some refer to this chapter as one of the most vital pieces of the puzzle. As the "6-P" saying goes, "proper prior planning prevents poor performance."

4. Outsourcing

A detailed step-by-step guide in sourcing the right contractor to build your app. Getting the right help is essential in not only getting your app idea built correctly, but also in making the process so much smoother. I've experienced the bumps and mishaps so you don't have to. I've taught you what to look for and what to avoid and what will make the process a breeze!

5. The Build Process

This is without a doubt the chapter that you will be folding many, many corners as you read. It is also the chapter that you will most likely refer back to the most as you proceed through the build process yourself. There is an array of tips & tricks, as well as insights as to what to expect at each stage of the build process.

6. In-Store Presence

Now we start to get into the presentation of your app to the public! Very exciting! You are guided step-by-step to preparing your app a perfect presence in your chosen stores. This includes hints from the worlds biggest app developers, to tried and tested methods that just simply work!

7. Marketing

A very fun part of the process! I provide numerous ways that you can advertise your app, but not just paid options. I go into great lengths to explain websites and places that you can increase your downloads in a matter of seconds, and do so completely FREE!

8. Monetization

For most of us, the real reason we want to build out app ideas. Providing a lifestyle that doesn't just consist of a 9 to 5 job and consists of building enough apps to allow you to do the things you want in life, whatever that may be. In this chapter I explain the absolutely enourmous array of options that await you regarding ways to turn your idea into money. The days of just simply selling your app for $0.99 are all but gone. We go in to the new and improved methods to generate huge profits!

9. Maintenance

A critical part of maintaining your passive income is Maintenance. This chapter is all about what to look for to make your app better, how to do it and what to avoid. I give you the secrets of the pro's to making sure you don't disturb your active valued customers, but at the same time increasing your user base with improvements!

10. Before I Go...

A last minute bonus chapter that I've included to give you a few tips to 10-fold your user base and some examples of new app industries that are emerging. It's not just smartphones and tablets that have apps these days, you and need to be ahead of the next big wave! Replicate your apps across these industries for yet again, another 10-fold increase in users!


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