How To Create Your Own “Set-N-Forget” Empire Of Recipe Books On The Kindle (Easy To Scale + Repeat)

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Back when the Internet Marketing community first started to discover the potential of the Kindle, many of the early adopters figured out that you could produce tons of recipe books by basically "copying and pasting" ingredients and recipes from major recipe sites, then re-writing the instructions in your own words.

(Even now, you'll find some less-than-honest Kindle guides recommending this method.)

Some people made a killing doing this for a little while...but Amazon and Kindle Readers caught on that there was NO REAL VALUE in these recipe books.

After all, the recipes are the same ones you can get online...for free. Who would want to pay for that?

It should come as no surprise - that method doesn't work anymore.

Amazon cracked down and removed a lot of these books, and even banned a lot of accounts in the process. That sent a lot of the less-motivated marketers running scared, tail between the legs, telling everyone else to STAY AWAY from the cooking and recipes niche.

Even though it's a BILLION DOLLAR MARKET, there are only 13,882 cooking and recipe books on the Kindle Marketplace (which means there's LOTS of unfulfilled buyer demand...)

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