How to find a 22,200 exact match buyer keyword in under 20 minutes

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Back Door Niche will show you exactly how to discover high volume, low competition niches and keywords

With this, so stupidly simple, step-by-step guide you can't possibly fail.
I'll show you how to;

  1. Find products that are super easy to rank for so you can be up and earning in no time flat
  2. Assess keywords for viability so you don't spend days ranking for stuff that'll never earn even if you do get it to page one
  3. Assess competition so you can zero in on the keywords that you can rank in your sleep rather than staying up nights and yet never getting to page one

I warn you now that there is no trick, secret or short cut to conducting research, but you will certainly learn a solid time tested method to short cut the selection process.

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