How to get laser targetted traffic from Adwords for under $0.20 cents per click

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I usually make money in the first week, or I break even – this is because my campaigns are pretty good from the start, and thats exactly what I teach in these 3 Phases. My keyword research is solid from the start, so are my ads and sales pages – so I have a pretty good chance of running a profitable campaign from the beginning.

The more you know when setting up a campaign the easier is to get it right. Furthermore, I start me campaigns with a daily limit of $10 – $35. So the traffic doesnt come as an avalanche, its easy to monitor day by day. I also like to do my tweaks / adjustments after 1000+ clicks – it may take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month for your campaign to reach 1000 clicks (depending on the market you are in, how good your ads perform etc.)

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