Insane Traffic Siphon – James Renouf

On September 20, 2013, in E-books & Course, by jacob

Insane Traffic Siphon - James Renouf

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Insane-Traffic-SiphonAgainst my better judgement, I went ahead and purchased this product. The sales page basically says you can get millions of eyeballs on your product, squeeze page or CPA offer. Today! No mention of how much you will have to spend for millions of eyeballs. Pretty important question right? Given enough time and money, anyone can get millions of eyeballs, but is this revelation quality traffic that is affordable?

The product is delivered as a 14 page PDF. Using a giant font approved by the AARP, double spaced with tons of white space, this thing is a bunch of verbose crap to take up space. I pasted it into MS Word, removed the white pace and the entire document is readable on 6 pages.

Without revealing the secret sauce, which is crap anyway, here are a few gems from the author.

“So since we are being real in this document we get to the next point. How do you get to the money ? We must work backwards here. Well… to get the money we need to be in front of people. Sounds simplistic doesn’t it ? Well duh yeah we need to get in front of people. We aren’t selling to cattle.”

“We have seen everything and understand everything. Everything has been done a million times and everything is rehashed.” (Editor comment here: pot calling the kettle…)


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