John Pearce & Chris Cantell – SEO Recovery

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Now, Here's What We Have To Offer

First, we have divided this into 3 courses with different costs, so that depending on your budget you can chose the level that fits YOUR needs.

(Basic Access) How To Detect if Your Site is in Penalty!
The Google Crackdown – Understanding The Background
Google Penalty & Negative SEO Attack – How to Find Out if You are in Penalty or Under Attack
(Includes the above, plus...) Eradicating Panda and Penguin Penalties
Panda Freedom - Eradicating A Google Panda Penalty
Penguin Freedom - Eradicating A Google Penguin or EMD Penalty
(Includes all the above, plus...) Freedom from Manual Penalties and Negative SEO Attack
Manual Penalty Triumph - Dealing With A Google Manual Penalty
Negative SEO Defeated: Driving Off A Negative SEO Attack "hey, attacker, is that all you've got?!!!"


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