Ken McCarthy – System Secrets

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Ken McCarthy – System Secrets

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Here are just a few of the proven business building strategies I share in System Secrets – The Book:

The first law of internet marketing — this simple equation shows the only two things that really determine how much profit you make online. (Pages 47-56)
Seven key decision points for starting a business — the things you MUST do to make money online, or anywhere else. (Page 103)
The real market responsible for 95% of what people buy and sell online — most ‘gurus’ won’t tell you about this even if you beg! (Page 24)
The ‘secret sauce’ that will put money in your bank account if you’re smart enough to use it… online, offline, wherever. (Page 70)
5 common Internet business mistakes and their simple solutions — if you’re making any one of these mistakes, correcting it will reduce spending and increase profits. (Pages 82-86)
How to attract customers without having to create demand. (Pages 87-89)
How ‘newness’ motivates customers to buy — and where to go to learn from the pros at using newness as a motivational tool. (Pages 129-140)
You may know Google AdWords as a lucrative source of traffic… But do you know the secret side of AdWords? (Pages 57-59)
My short list of six books — all written before the Internet — that give you an instant unfair advantage that earns you tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars more per year. (Page 76)


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