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Fact: Number 1 listings on Google get 42.25% of all click-throughs. Number 2 on Google gets 11.94%. Number 3 on Google gets 8.47%. Number 4 on Google gets 6.05%. Number 5 and under get just under 5% of the total traffic. Clearly, your website needs to be in the top three positions on Google to make a substantial amount of income.

Been dinged by Penguin or Panda and still trying to boost your website to the first page of Google? Your not the only one. Lot’s of websites have been slapped and webmasters and SEO’s are scrambling to get to the tops of Google. This means you will get lots of residual income. No matter what Google algorithm update rolls out you’ll be fine. Learn tactics of a seasoned SEO and boost your organic traffic by 300%.

Tired of purchasing backlink packages, hiring SEO companies for thousands of dollars per month, and seeing little to no ROI? Tired of spending 100+ hours a week on your website and SEO! Have you wasted hundreds or even thousands of dollars on Adwords and cut your losses?

First, a little bit about me. I am Garen Arnold the CEO and owner of Dead Dog Design Inc. I have 4+ years of online marketing experience. I have developed affiliate niche related sites that have generated six figures a year. I finally, got tired of reading the forums, reading rehashed content, and witnessing countless “gold mine” guides that were geared to take your money and promise you the world.


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