Killer Traffic Generation Tactics

On November 8, 2011, in WSO Products, by Kevin

Killer Traffic Generation Tactics

Value: $6

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… And It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’re Playing The Internet Marketing Game As A Rookie Or A Seasoned Pro, Know Abundance Or Zilch About Complicated Programming Skills – Because Believe It Or Not, Generating Killer Traffic Is Like Playing Checkers!

Dear Web Marketer,
Did you know? That many people don’t know that generating traffic is the next important thing to do once you have constructed a website?

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

This scenario happens every day (or maybe every hour): a new Internet Entrepreneur starts a web site, waits for traffic to come, ends up disillusioned, and then… well, not really a happy ending to go into detail. And do you still hear people say, “Set your web site up and they (people) will come?”

“Hog Wash! Hog Wash! Hog Wash!”

So why doesn’t traffic immediately stream in after someone sets up a website? The primary reason is that traffic has to come from somewhere.It doesn’t just drop out of the sky. After all, why should your new site be more noticeable than the other and the rest of the over 4 million web sites on the Internet?
Now the core discussion: why is TARGETED (not just any kind of) TRAFFIC vital?


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