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KindleFandomHo-20140103Video Course: 15 Videos
Length: 3 Hours 55 Minutes
By John Elder

You hear about them all the time. 17 year old high school student Tricia who sold over 400,000 copies of her series of vampire novels, husband and wife team Mike and Sharon who just hit the $100,000 per month mark, and housewife Betty (not her real name) who made over $1 million dollars writing trashy romance "novels"; all at Amazon.

Are their books spectacular or something?!?


Believe me, I've read them all trying to find the common denominator. The stories are contrived and poorly written. They seem unedited and quickly thrown together. The covers aren't particularly professional looking.

So HOW are these people (and so many others like them) making SO MUCH MONEY writing and publishing Kindle books?

The answer is pretty simple. Nearly every single person I've found who's having massive success publishing Kindle books has one thing in common.


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