[KINDLE SALES BOOSTER] $620.43 in One Week from a Simple $2.99 ebook — You can do it too!


Value: $17


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Reserved for FAQ

Q: Where are the Bonuses?
A: Templates are being uploaded right now.

Q: Is this for Fiction or Non-Fiction?
A: I mainly do non-fiction, but many of the traffic strategies (including choosing your topic and positioning of your book) listed here are universal.

Q: Is this rehashed information I’ve seen in other Kindle marketing products?
A: I am sure that you have seen many of these strategies mentioned in a few other Kindle products, but I have not seen most of them in other products. Based upon the 8 or so that I have purchased, they are certainly not the norm. Even the ones that mention some of these tactics only skim the surface of how to implement them. I go at least one level deeper to implement such tactics in a way that produces maximum benefit.


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