Lazy SEO Plays GTA V For Hours and Still Makes Sales?!?

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LazySEOPlaysGTAV-20131224There are tools that can be used. The cost for these varies, but I recommend paying for the tool according to the user's activity(how many sites they want to build) and income level. I currently use Magic Submitter which is $67 a month but I use it quite a lot to make it worth it's cost to me. There are cheaper tools to get the job done in a similar manner though, as well as the option of using no tools and just going about it manually. This is not optimal but I go into depth on some of the options to counteract this in the product. I always recommend that people do what they can though (with building sites & tools). It doesn't make sense for somebody to buy a ridiculous amount of tools if they aren't at the level in their business to justify it.


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