Learn How I Made 226 Sales in 28 Hours With a WSO And No Bumps – And You Can Too !!

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Dear Fellow Warrior,

This is my story of launching WSOs.

It's not an overnight success story but it hasn't taken that long either.

I'd launched a few WSOs in the past but never really got to grips with them.

Maybe you've struggled like I did?

I got some sales but really only enough to pay the WSO fee if I was lucky and wasn't counting in Paypal fees, etc.

I added a few people to my list but, to be honest, didn't really sell them much afterwards or keep in touch with them properly. I certainly didn't know what to sell them next.

So I near enough gave up on launching WSOs for about a year.

Sure, I still bought other people's offers but didn't launch any of my own.

Which was probably down to a feeling of "I'm not worthy" or "I haven't got anything new to sell". We all know that second point isn't an issue for those WSO sellers who don't worry about minor details like that. But it still bugged me.

Then I started following Sean Mize.

I'd come across him before on EzineArticles but he's only recently become a force to be reckoned with on the Warrior Forum. Or I've been living under a stone and missed his posts.

Either way, I bought his WSO on how to launch a WSO. Profitably.

I'd bought other WSOs on the same topic before. I'd also read the giveaways in the War Room from people who'd launched profitable WSOs.

Nothing had worked for me before but something rang true in Sean's work and I though "why not?"

So back at the start of December I launched my first WSO in over a year. It roughly broke even so I bumped it and it didn't quite break even on that, so I carried on with it but didn't bump it again.

3 affiliates promoted it and made sales, one of which was WarriorPlus (of course!)

So I still wasn't exactly enthusiastic.

But a few weeks later I launched another WSO. Using some more tips I'd picked up from Sean.

Like the one I'm using here: no fancy graphics or hyped up sales letters.

It was a product I'd had recorded for ages. It had been on Udemy for ages. Made a few sales but not setting the world alight.

So I thought why not launch it at a special price for Warriors.

That did better.

39 sales at the time of writing. 100% commission to affiliates. 1 bump. A few sales of my own from the Warrior Forum while it was on page 1. So about $23 profit after listing fees but before Paypal or WarriorPlus fees (I'd taken their free listing option).

I'd got the bug.

Maybe there was some profit to be had in WSOs after all...

Since I'm always being asked by people how to set up WordPress, my next WSO was a set of screencast videos showing how to do that.

Just over an hour's worth, start to finish. Split into a dozen videos to keep up with most people's attention span.

This time I included an upsell. Not an OTO, just the option to buy PLR rights if you wanted to.

The main WSO was priced cheap. $1.99 with 100% of that going to affiliates.

You get the idea I wanted affiliates?

The upsell was a 50/50 split on the $5 PLR rights.

I launched that and got better sales. 73 to date. And 20 upsells.

Then I struck gold...

Squidoo has been getting questions on the Warrior Forum for ages and I've made a lot of lenses in the past.

Sean had just made a WSO with a 2 hour "watch over my shoulder as I do a complete WSO, unedited video footage." That was roughly the pitch.

Could I do the same with Squidoo?

Could I screen capture myself creating a complete lens, start to finish?

If so, how fast could I do it?

Could it be under an hour?

Like the people who sell spectacles or the ones who used to process photos back when we had prints to look at...

That was my challenge to myself.

The final video length was 51 minutes but I kept the "under an hour" hook in the headline because people know that pitch from elsewhere.

I priced it as a dime sale and decided to see what would happen.

I also decided to be a bit of a cheapskate and only offer affiliates 80% this time.

The evening of the launch, I'd made 57 sales. At an average of $4.32 per sale. Wow!

I went to sleep - or at least, kind of sleep as I was dreaming about what had just happened...

When I woke up the next morning, the first thing I did was check my sales.

164 at an average of $5.40.

This was working!

By that 9pm evening, the WSO fell off page two and I became eligible to bump it (I haven't done that yet but I will).

I'd made 226 sales from the WSO with no bumps. At an average price of $6.02. In 28 hours.

If you'd like to know how I did it, I've created a no fluff PDF.

It's short.

The meat of it is 10 pages.

So if you buy WSOs by their size, don't buy this.

But if you buy them to be inspired and to find something that you can model in the real world rather than something that has been hyped to within an inch of its life, this will be right up your street.

If you think this WSO sales page is ugly and unprofessional, don't buy this.

Because you'll positively hate the download page - it would make an amateur pretend their 10 year old had done it on an off day. There's no branding, there's no "you must buy this" upsells or flashy graphics.

But if you want to know, start to finish, with all the gory details, how I made a WSO that got 226 sales in 28 hours with no bumps. And made good money from it (remember, I was only paying affiliates 80%). Then you'll want to buy this.


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