Learn How I Made Over $325 per WEEK Passive Income with my Own Proxy Network!

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The Proxy Project

What is it?

The Proxy Project is my 10 lesson program that will teach you how to setup your very own, established, and professional Proxy Network! Included is my 55-page in-depth guide on how to effectively create, manage, advertise, and monetize your proxy. And of course, you will receive my premium hand-coded Proxy script with proven THROUGH THE ROOF CTR rates and efficient load times for your users. Everything is laid out for you with The Proxy Project, and you will genuinely learn new things while doing minimal work.


1. 100% Original and UNIQUE Method - No one has seen this before!
2. Easy to Use and Beginner Friendly - Anybody can do it!
3. 100% Whitehat - You can put this on a resume!
4. Works Worldwide - This method will work no matter what country you are from!
5. Lifetime Updates and Support (1-ON-1 COACHING!)
6. Will never be saturated - The very nature of this method proves that this will last forever.

With The Proxy Project, you can expect a passive income of over $300 per week. And the beauty of this product is that you create a network. For each extra proxy you create, your earnings become exponentially greater because they are all linked to each other.

If you're tired of sitting at home doing NOTHING with your time, I am not exaggerating when I say the Proxy Project will change your life. It is the perfect balance between hardwork, and easy to use methods. You will put some time in, but everything will come easy and the returns are unbelievable.

I've tried many online money making methods and WSO's before I created this product. None of them have worked well at all. You either need to invest hundreds of dollars, need to put 5+ hours of work per day, or they straight up don't work. I want to show you that this method is genuinely the most profitable online monetizing method you will use. It will be #1 on your online income list for years to come: and the profits will only increase! The Proxy Project gives you a steady income that increases by the month.

Make the decision now. Change your life for the better.


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