Make Money On Fiverr With The Top Rated Seller Formula!

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MakeMoneyOnFiverr-20140721The Secret Behind the Formula

For two years I have carefully documented all of my experiences on Fiverr. Once I had a large enough sample size, I began to notice patterns and trends. I noticed which buyers purchased bigger and smaller orders. I took notes and noticed which types of buyers came back. I condensed my pages and pages of notes down to 5 simple steps that, if followed, set up a gig of ANY type for success. It doesn’t matter if you’re into music, dance, finance, online marketing, fitness or cooking, it works! How has this worked for me?  I currently have tw0 gigs with over 500 positive feedbacks, one with over 450, One with over 250 and two with over 130. I even have a tip gig with over 45 tips. My formula isn’t a fluke. It didn’t work just once, it has worked over and over again with each gig I create.

What Are My Secrets? I’ll Show You…

  • How I got promoted to a Level 1 Seller after 1 month
  • How I got promoted to a Level 2 Seller after 2 months
  • How I got promoted to a Top Rated Seller after 3 months
  • How I increased my average sale to $22
  • How to create an effective Gig Video that can raise your sales over 220%
  • Fiverr SEO Techniques I use to Optimize my Gigs
  • How I make up to $150/hour using my gig extras
  • How to make buyers come back over and over
  • How to dominate competitive niches with proper gig categorization

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