Value: $50

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Let me give you a little about my background. Earlier this year, I set up my first Adsense?? website. Although initially, that crappy little website only made me about $49 a month, I was fascinated that I was able to make this money without lifting a finger.

So I started thinking, if just one crappy little site can earn me $49 a month, why couldn’t 10 more pay me 10 times that? So I got busy building more sites. And a couple weeks later, I had over 50 websites running. Each of those sites paid me money without me having to do a single thing.

My website traffic to those sites wasn’t very good at first, so I implemented a few easy advertising techniques (included in this package). Within a few weeks, my sites were earning about $11 a piece, each day. As the weeks moved along, each site earned a little more and more each day. Now my sites each make around $22+ a day, which totals to a whopping $33,000 a month!

Now, just so you know, I hate it when people beat around the bush, so I’m just going to get right down to the point here. I’m not going to waste your time, giving you step by step instructions on how to start making money with Google. I’m sure, if that’s all you want, you get your fill all across the web. But just so you’re well warned, if you start searching online for the ‘how to’s of Adsense,’ you’ll soon find out that the majority of the many so called Adsense gurus out there won’t give you what I’m about to give you. Nope. Instead, if you delve into their “advice,” that’s all you’re gonna get is just worn out “advice.” Who needs that??

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