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On November 29, 2011, in IM Softwares, by jacob

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What is Mass Video Blaster?

Mass Video Blaster is a ready-made toolkit for video marketers, site owners and webmasters who practice YouTube marketing. Mass Video Blaster is a unified workspace for three programs that help you get real views, effectively manage your videos, and easily grow your business.

It automates your daily tasks, which allows you to reach up to 100x more YouTube views than you could get on your own. It will run in the background while you enjoy yourself.

Mass Video Blaster is designed to work with any type of video marketing campaign

If you are using a fine tuned campaign where you are aiming to get more views to a single video , Mass Video Blaster will do all the hard work for you. Will create the link wheel of videos that point to your target video and bring highly targeted subscriber to your account. And here comes the best part… you won’t need to send any friend request or subscribe to any channel.

You will let the subscribers come to you , by downloading and uploading the top videos in your niche to your own account. For those who think that more is better. Mass Video Blaster will be like a dream came true. This tool is designed to work in mass mode , like the name Mass Video Blaster. You will be able to scrape and download any video you want from YouTube , edit all of them , chage the titles , descriprions and tags with ease using our revolutionary Tag System and upload all the videos with the press of one button.


  • Download Videos from Youtube , Vimeo and Metacafe based on keywords, users, or manually
  • Download Videos in HD format from YouTube
  • Add videos from local hard drives
  • Add Your Own Watermark on the downloaded video
  • Cut seconds from the start of any video
  • Makes each video unique , so you can upload the same video as many times as you want without having to worry about the duplicate filter
  • Change your titles, tags, and descriptions on the fly
  • Mass upload all your videos in ONE CLICK!
  • Re-upload all the videos that got removed
  • Assign proxy for each YouTube account
  • Add annotations to your videos
  • And much more…

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