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Fellow Warriors,

Mark Here. I’m back, and with my newest, coolest-ever WSO! If you’ve been struggling to find a way to get huge exposure of your product or website, (I’m talking major exposure, that can get your stuff on TV and seen by millions) …then this will be the most exciting thread you will ever read.

Here’s why.

During one of our late night “just goofing around” telephone chit-chat sessions, my friend David–founder & CEO of what may now be the world’s largest news distribution network–let the cat out of the bag.

You see, that evening we both had our guards down a little more than usual. It started when I told David about my upcoming patent. Then he told me about his upcoming patent, for identity theft protection. (which btw is going to turn the credit fraud industry upside down!) But what he told me next, rocked my world.

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