Matt Stefanik – Crush It On Craigs List v2.0

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Crush It On Craigs List v2.0

Once you make the smart move for your business and get your very own copy of “CRUSH IT on Craigslist v2.0″ you’re going to discover:

  • How to publish prospect-producing ads that take your lead by the hand from headline, to message, to your website like a baby chasing a balloon.
  • How to make your simple, harmless-looking ad title grab your prospect and refuse to let go.
  • What the REAL secret is to get your prospect off Craigslist and over to your website.
  • How to essentially use the same number for multiple phone verfied accounts.
  • How to “trick” Craigslist technology into thinking you live in the city where you are posting.
  • How to set up you “business” in each city you want to post, complete with unique “local location,” website, local phone number and email address.
  • How to track and tweak each ad for maximum effectiveness, converting as many as 50% of views into clicks like a highly trained ad assassin.
  • How to use the same image ads over and over and over again in multiple cities without being “caught” for posting duplicate posts.
  • How to continue to keep your ads at the top of the category once they get buried.
  • How to use a different voice mail message specifically crafted for each city where you post.
  • How, if you’re posting in the “Jobs” section, your ads need to be completely different and why.
  • Easy to implement tips on how to overcome your prospect’s reluctance and skepticism.
  • How to tap into a whole other lead source on Craigslist – and it has nothing to do with posting.


“CRUSH IT On Craigslist v2.0″ WORKS .  It doesn’t matter what business you are in. 


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