MaxFBSeo : Get Found On Facebook – The Most Important WordPress Plugin You Will Buy This Year

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Everyone (should) know about the Facebook “Like” button and the “Comments” social plugin (and should be using it on their blogs and sites) but did you know that you need to add Open Graph meta data to improve their effectiveness?

Facebook needs more information about the “graph” to show it in relevant Facebook searches. BTW, these Facebook searches are powered by Bing since October of 2010 and there has been a growth in Bing’s search market compared to Google’s slow decline. There is some speculation out there that the Open Graph meta data on your blogs and sites will have an influence on Bing’s search results in future.

So have you started using the Facebook Social Plugins on your websites and blogs, and also those of your customers? With around 550 million Facebook users, well optimized wall comments and likes are the key to getting found on Facebook.

But are all “likes” created equal? Well with Open Graph meta tags used by Facebook to differentiate, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

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