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Dear Network Marketer,

If you would like to sponsor more new reps every single month… and do it even if you’re shy, introverted and scared to death of talking to prospects on the phone now… then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

My name is Mike Dillard.  I am an MLM phone sponsoring coach with over 300,000 students around the world.  I have personally shown thousands of people how to sponsor more reps in a day than 95% of network marketers sponsor in a year.  And many of my students are amongst the highest paid network marketers on the planet.

But you want to know something funny?

When I was just starting out…
I Was A Certified
“Sponsoring Wussy”!

I'll explain this "no-lose" deal in a second.

But first, here's a quick glimpse of the secrets in Black Belt Recruiting:

  • How six and seven figure network marketers close prospects on the phone without doing any "selling."  (In fact, with Mark's methods, theLESS you sell, the MORE people you sponsor!)
  • A sneaky way to get your competition to help you sponsor people into yourbusiness... without them even knowing it.
  • How to sponsor people who have already decided NOT to join your business!
  • My "wrong number" secret that lets you sponsor FAR more prospects than you are now... and with a LOT less effort.
  • Four words that will destroy your chances of sponsoring new reps — even the ones who already want to sign up!  (When I stopped saying these four words — that 99% of network marketers say during calls — my sponsoring rate shot through the roof.)
  • The secret of getting your prospects so "fired up" about your business you can literally sponsor them without even saying what company you're in or what product you sell!  (You may even have people call you a couple days later asking, "Ummm, what am I selling again?")
  • How to instantly "de-fang" loud and obnoxious prospects — and actually have them apologizing and pleading with you to show them the plan.  (This secret works even if they were dead set against MLM before!)
  • Startling facts you MUST know about sales people before you talk to them about MLM.  (Sales pros can be your best reps — but there's a "trick" to talking to them if you want to sponsor them into your business.)
  • How to "position" yourself as a network marketing expert before you even sponsor your first distributor!
  • A weird (but effective) way to make money when distributors quit your team.
  • Why the best time to talk to a MLM lead is AFTER they've talked to other network marketers!  (If you do things "Mark's way", you will never again worry if other network marketers talk to your leads — in fact, you'll actually prefer they do.)
  • A little talked about fear every human being has... and how to use it to sponsor even the most skeptical prospects.  (This tactic is often used by car salesmen, jewelers and other people who sell high ticket items.  And it works even betterfor network marketers.)
  • The great "Guru Hoax": Why having your team study and follow MLM "gurus" can destroy your business and income.
  • A brand new breakthrough (recently discovered by social scientists) that makes even total MLM "newbies" irresistibly attractive to almost any prospect.  (This incredible little secret is how some new distributors are able to sponsor dozens of people right off the bat.  Here's how they do it.)
  • How to get your prospects to ask YOU to make their decision to join your team FOR them.  (This advanced recruiting technique makes sponsoring as easy as taking candy from a baby.  And you will probably never hear about this anywhere else.)
  • How to get people at parties and other social gatherings to approach you and ask about your business...

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