My Monthly Membership – Video Training Membership In-A-Box!
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Value: $97

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ow I’m sure you’re already aware that I do a lot of work creating my own products. And I’m sure that I don’t have to explain that I also create them for reseller’s like you. (Just Google my name ‘Aaron Danker’). Today however, I’m selling something slightly different – resell rights to a membership site!
What’s So Good About Membership Sites?

The beauty of membership products is that you can sell once to your customer and have the peace of mind that they’ll continue to pay for access for that membership for as long as the membership lasts.

It could be a 3 month membership, a 6 month membership, a yearlong membership or a lifetime membership. Either way, once you’ve got a new member in your membership, you know you’ve added more to your net profit – way more than what a linear one-time sale could ever do for you.
Don’t Think Memberships Are Profitable?… Let me give you two Scenarios…

Jane sells an eBook for $27. It’s got 100 pages of pure content, she’s got a lovely sales page and new people are buying her product every day. She makes 1 sale a day, bringing her $810 per month. Not bad.

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