Attention: If you have a direct response Sales Page and you are NOT driving Targeted Adwords Traffic to it – You are missing out on a lot of Sales.

Inside “Adwords Direct Response” I outline the exact Formula I’ve been using for over 7 years to run Profitable Adwords Campaigns and Consistently…

Convert Front-End offers at over 1% from “cold” traffic (Most experts consider breaking-even on the front end good, I don’t, all of my campaigns are profitable on the front-end)

Never pay more than $0.07 – 0.20 Cents Per Click (in competitive markets that cost up to $0.45, $1.00, $2.00 Per Click!)

Generate Click Through Rates in the 3% - 10% range for my Ads (Google considers 1% a good CTR)

“Adwords Direct Response” is split up into 3 Parts, each one teaching you an important aspect of setting up Profitable Adwords Campaigns:

Part 1: Keyword Research

Part 2: Campaign Settings / Setup

Part 3: Writing Ad Copy



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