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I am working with Cory on this - so I can help you out. Let's try killin' two birds here:

I usually only spend between 5-10 dollars per book I have outsourced - I explain everything inside the course. I would never spend 100 dollars for someone to take a month to write a book - look inside the course and see what I do, Davy.

Overall costs are minimal. You can even write the books yourself if you have the time and don't want to invest any money. I give free options for everything, but highly recommend that you spend a little - and by 'a little' I mean, the overall cost of having a completed, finished book that sells at it's highest potential, is around 10 dollars a book, maybe even less.

Again, take a look inside - there are free options for everything so you can get started. If you can spare ten bucks, then you can get going even quicker. I highly recommend that.

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