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Hello Warriors,

I don’t know about you, but if I see another “get rich quick” email land in my inbox…all pushing the same “7 figures with push-button software & no work” pipe-dream product…I’m going to smash my monitor into little 1’s and 0’s.

All right, I’ll admit it…I’m feeling more than a little bit jaded these days!

So when my friend and fellow Warrior Jaz Kenny told me he had developed an offline CPA method that was routinely converting at 47%, frankly, I was skeptical…

…I was incredulous.

…I was disoriented.

Because that’s not possible, right? He must be mistaken…or have a decimal point misplaced in there somewhere.

It’s just not feasible for any kind of sales to convert at 47% over and over again…is it?

But this was coming from a buddy of mine (and fellow Warrior) whom I know, like, and trust. Jaz is the ultimate straight shooter…and a very clever marketer. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt and we connected 3 weeks ago to clear the air.

…And he proceeded to describe one of the most innovative approaches to offline marketing that I have ever heard. Period.

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