No money? No time? And broken English? [Squick Money: 15-Minute Squidoo System]

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squidooMy friend doesn't have much spare time and he is not very good at computers (or the Internet), so I had to find a method which was simple, easy to use, non-technical, which didn't demand too much knowledge of English, and where you could get results fast.

Believe me or not, but I actually found this method, and I'll tell you about it in a moment.

First, I have an important question I want you to think about:

Have you ever spent hours working on a project that ended up being nothing but a time-waster?

Worse: Have you been too afraid that you might just waste valuable time doing something that will never bring you any money so you chose to not didn't try it at all?

As you probably know there's no fool-proof way of knowing beforehand if you have a successful idea or not. Not even when you follow a proven blueprint. There are always individual differences.

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