[Offline] $100+ a DAY From Local Biz Owners Who ARE HAPPY to GIVE! [Rave Reviews!]

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Taking care of their needs once you have them...no prob. Getting them...much, much tougher. At least, in MY experience.

So, how does this WSO make this whole "getting clients thingy" a wee bit easier? How, Mike, as your headline says, do we get "local biz owners to happily "give" us $20 cash and LET us upsell them our services"?...

Well...you'll have to buy the WSO to find that out.

BUT...I will tell you it's a rather unique spin, as far as I know, on the concept of "selling without selling".

The business owner is willing (trust me when I say willing) to "give" you $20 cash,
to help YOU out with something important to YOU, a FELLOW business owner.
In gratitude, you will give them some free advertising. That's it.

You get to show off your skills and upsell your services to, quite possibly, the MOST warmed-up prospect you've ever had!

Trust me, guys, it WORKS beautifully!

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