Offline Blueprint: How I Sell Online Marketing To Big Offline B2B Companies And Earn Real Money

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You’ve spent months and all your credit cards to learn how to do SEO, get to the top of Google for organic and local results, you have domains that rank no 1, you know how to set up Facebook Pages with WordPress with fancy reveal tabs etc. The list goes on and on. You know how to do the stuff.

But offline businesses don’t want to buy. And when you do get them over the line to buy, you spend many hours, do lots of revisions and they expect to pay very little for it.

And then there are those Offline Marketing Consultants on the forums and blogs that reckon it is the best business to be in and they make tons of money. How can that be? What are they doing that you are not?

So you buy more technical training, get faster at ranking number 1 and create more complex Fan Pages that will suck out email address and write on walls. But you still can’t sell these (even fancier) offline marketing services.

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