[Offline] Google Places & Local SEO clients served to you on a silver platter

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How is this different from other methods?

You’ve read countless WSO’s that tell you in order to find the best local businesses that need your help with Google Places & local SEO is to pick up the phone and start calling the ones at the bottom of the first page of Google.

HA! Yeah right!! Good luck with that!

I only spend my time talking to those who are in dire straits and genuinely need my services.

This doesn’t involve:

-Wasting money on postage & postcards
-Spamming a bunch of businesses hoping even one will bite
-Spending ANY money – All free resources
-Being told no in the first 60 seconds – You are only talking to your future clients who have requested help

By having pre-qualified leads it makes it just that much simpler to close deals and get offline clients.

This is the land of low-hanging fruit for offline clients.

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