[OFFLINE PLR] Groupon Marketing System: Includes Website, Postcard, Salesletter, Email And More!


Value: $17


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Reserved for FAQ

I want the layered psd’s for the header, footer etc. Are you going to provide this?

Yes they are now included in the package.

Love the wso, but I want this in WordPress. Can you convert this to wordpress?

Yes. If you already bought, check your email. If you’re on the fence because it wasn’t wordpress, you can go ahead and buy it now. The wordpress version is included.

Chris, I placed a order and got my paypal transaction ID, but WarriorPlus is telling me it’s trying to verify my payment.

Paypal is doing upgrades over the next 3-4 days, so that means that millions of buyers are experiencing problems with payment processing. So, in the meanwhile if you get a message telling you it’s trying to verify payment, just pm me and I’ll send the link to you. Just please give me a little time to send it to you.

Paypal is telling me there’s a shipping charge. What’s up with that?

A few people have said they’ve gotten the same thing when buying. However, it’s a Paypal issue.

When you run a WSO through WSOPro, you don’t get the option to create a paypal payment button. It’s all handled through WSOPro. In fact, there’s not even a choice to add shipping charges as a option. So it’s definitely not on my end there.

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