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On December 18, 2011, in WSO Products, by Kevin

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Offline Warrior,

I am so excited about this that I'm going to skip the build up, and get down to business. I'm a firm believer in understanding and conquering everything that you do like a medieval army seizing a castle from their enemies. My offline business is no exception.
Over the last couple months, a TON of my coaching students, as well as other Warriors have asked me the same question, which has spawned the creation of what you are reading now. The question was this:

"How do I price my offline services?"

The question was somewhat vague to me, because there are so many more variables at play than the same old, "My price is X, my profit is Y," type of scenario. There are concepts and ideas that run so much deeper than most offline marketers take the time to realize.
All the while, when they finally decide how to price out their services, most offline marketers are literally leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

99% of Offline Marketers get paid FAR LESS than they should be getting paid, simply because they DON'T KNOW HOW to get the PREMIUM FEES for the EXACT SAME SERVICES they're currently offering.

Your bank account and business is on its knees BEGGING AND PLEADING you to stop leaving that money on the table. How could you possibly not want what practically amounts to extra free money?

I'll let my results speak for themselves...

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