[Offline] Proof! Personalised Information Packs (BRUTALLY SIMPLE SYSTEM) This works!

Sale Page:http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/857886-offline-proof-personalised-information-packs-brutally-simple-system-works.html

Product Price: $9.95


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OfflineProofPer-20131216I loved it, and it is an excellent value. I have been preparing to do my first lumpy mail campaign anyway when I saw it, so I felt spending $10 for one more perspective on it was totally justified, and I was right! Your system echoes many things I've learned from people like Dan Kennedy about direct mail, and is in the vein of some other Warriors with excellent direct mail selling systems, but yours is more elaborate, professional, and personal than most, and each one has a twist to be learned.




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