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If you’re new to text message marketing, something that’s important to understand is the difference between a shortcode and a longcode. A shortcode is a 5 or 6 digit number that the subscriber sends their text message to in order to subscribe or interact with the SMS system. Like tv voting where a viewer texts the word “vote” to 54545 – the 54545 number is the “shortcode”.

Shortcodes have to be approved and accepted by each mobile company for it to work on their network. The process takes weeks or months and is very expensive. For this reason, an SMS marketing/list company will buy and set up the shortcode and then lease “keywords” on their system to marketers like you. A keyword is how their system knows what member to send the text message to. If you want to market a pizza shop, there’s a good chance you might want to use the word “pizza” in a campaign, like text the word “pizza” to 54545. Well, on a typical shortcode system, someone else probably is already using the keyword “pizza”, which means you can’t use it. This means keywords are precious and there’s a lot of competition. This also means keywords cost a lot of money. Not so with longcodes.

A “longcode” is just a regular local phone number. Longcodes are very inexpensive – only $1 per month and it belongs to only you. That means you can use any keyword you want and as many as you want and NEVER PAY MORE.

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