Offliners, Make $2000 a Time With [”Yellow Pages” Advert Consulting] -Untapped Offline Gold Mine!!!!

Value: $17


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Hi All!

Steve here, with the latest release from my $200 a month VIP inner circle.

This is the 2011 version of my amazingly popular (modest huh!) Yellow Pages consulting report – that unlocks the secrets to getting all those clients who are still using the web to buy your services – and lots of them.

Look, head up…

I used to hate print based advertising like yellow pages. I had clients who through away thousands of dollars a year just to keep up with the competition with no real hope of making money.


So, for almost two years I’ve been testing and refining my business directory advertising system.

the 2010 version sold out very fast, and I have had a waiting list of people just waiting for the day this report comes out again

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