Product: [Offliners] Video SEO Clients – Makes $400-$500 per client and $97+ monthly


Price: $10


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I know you’re busy, so I’m not going to waste much of your time with a long, drawn out sales pitch…

Today I’ve got a really special offer for you that’s being used on a daily basis by one of my best customers, Donald Wilson.

So here’s all the facts…

Google has been increasingly adding video to their local searches.

Go do a search for “Wichita Electrical Contractors” and you’ll see what I mean…

I’m sure you already realize this, but videos get a HUGE number of clicks, even when they’re not ranked at the top of the page…

It’s because in text based search results, a simple image catches the eye and forces a searcher to read the headline… (And often click through)

That’s important, because if you know how to rank a video in a local search, you’re going to be able to book local clients left and right.

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