HOT SEO – The Panda Has Been Tamed -Proof Inside- 15K s/mo Keywords Ranking High in under 40 days?

Value: $19.95

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Review: Just received it! Glanced thru it! My quick review:

It is a system that is all laid out for you on what to do each week and next couple of months.

It involves: Blogs; Articles; Twitter; YouTube and FaceBook. Also, to do it faster- you might plan on spending $57 for additional linking software (Not a OTO- just their recommendation).

Having said that it is the first SEO system that I have seen yet- that incorporates Social Media- that makes sense to me.

The linking strategies are very solid and again make perfect sense – easy to see why you would rank so fast for high competition keywords.

It does take work – so plan on spending about 30 minutes a day for the first couple of weeks on your site. (this is good because not everyone will do it). Then you will go into 1-1.5 Hours a weekly mode for the next couple of months.

All in all I’m very excited to start implementing this on two new sites I’m creating. It’s Newbie friendly – just follow the checklist.

It also gives you a great idea on what direction you should head with the new Panda updates. It confirmed a-lot for me on where I should be heading and gave me some great idea’s to build on. Was kind of surprised they left out Google +, but that will also fit in perfectly with this strategy!

Good stuff- you should grab it fast! Easily worth $97 or more. Great Stuff Panda Dundee Dude!


Magic Article Submitter V1.45

On October 21, 2011, in SEO Tools, by Kevin

Magic Article Submitter V1.45

Value: $55

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Boost website traffic and search engine position. Build masses of high quality links with the click of a button!”

Magic Article Submitter Makes article marketing quick and easy, this state-of-the-art article submission software was released in June 2009 and is able to post unique articles to over seven hundred article directories.

Magic article submission software features: A Built in fully editable 700 article directory database. This means you can remove unwanted directories form the list, or even add your own. Article spinning is fully supported in each and every article field. Fully automated article directory author account creation and confirmation.

Full support for multiple profiles, allowing you to use a different pen name for each site you are promoting. Regular database updates to keep your directory list up to date.

To see how Magic Article Submitter works in real action – please watch this video, marvel how quickly things can be done and how much time you will save:

Forex Pips Gizmo – Make Pips through Forex Scalping Blueprint and Forex Trend Rider

Value: $77

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”Disclosing 2 Brilliant Forex Trading Strategies that can Change the way traders make money from Forex Market. Guaranteed!”

Warning: If you watch the videos and follow the strategies, then you are about to have No-Excuse for not being able to have profitable trades

Dear Friend,
When I started to learn forex trading, I realized that the trader community can be divided in 2 completely opposite categories – “90% category” and “10% category”

That’s because it is only 10% of all the traders that make money in forex market.

They are the ones who enjoy trading, watch their trading account grow, spend time with their families, drive the car they wanted and take time off for vacation!

[Offline U.S Only] WordPress SMS Plugin – AFFORDABLE, EASY, SMS marketing YOU CONTROL

Value: $27

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If you’re new to text message marketing, something that’s important to understand is the difference between a shortcode and a longcode. A shortcode is a 5 or 6 digit number that the subscriber sends their text message to in order to subscribe or interact with the SMS system. Like tv voting where a viewer texts the word “vote” to 54545 – the 54545 number is the “shortcode”.

Shortcodes have to be approved and accepted by each mobile company for it to work on their network. The process takes weeks or months and is very expensive. For this reason, an SMS marketing/list company will buy and set up the shortcode and then lease “keywords” on their system to marketers like you. A keyword is how their system knows what member to send the text message to. If you want to market a pizza shop, there’s a good chance you might want to use the word “pizza” in a campaign, like text the word “pizza” to 54545. Well, on a typical shortcode system, someone else probably is already using the keyword “pizza”, which means you can’t use it. This means keywords are precious and there’s a lot of competition. This also means keywords cost a lot of money. Not so with longcodes.

A “longcode” is just a regular local phone number. Longcodes are very inexpensive – only $1 per month and it belongs to only you. That means you can use any keyword you want and as many as you want and NEVER PAY MORE.

Gideon Shalwick’s – Rapid Video Blogging Course – Module 1

Value: $997

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“How You Can Rapidly Build Huge Lists And Make Money Behind The Scenes… ExploitingMy Insider Secrets Of Video Blogging!”

Discover the Secret Method Top Bloggers Use To Dominate Markets And Make More Money Than Others Combined!

Hi there! I’m Gideon Shalwick and I want to share with you the secret of exactly how I make my money online while still enjoying a very relaxed lifestyle near the tropical Gold Coast and Sunshine beaches in Australia.

If you don’t know me yet, you can go google my name and see what comes up. If you do know me, but haven’t downloaded my free 92 page Rapid Video Blogging report, go ahead and do it now.

It’s already been downloaded well over 20,000 times, with over a thousand raving comments and testimonials from people all over the world (just see some of the comments on the right).

Before I became the successful online video expert though, I struggled many long years like so many others do when they start out on the internet.

Article Underground – June 2011 – Content and Traffic System with PLR Articles

Value: $97

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Article Underground is the best PLR Article membership available!!!

You get 400 fresh new keyword optimized articles every month
and over 110 article announcements blogs you can use to link to your web pages!!!STOP wasting TIME


The SECRET to lots of qualified traffic is targeting the RIGHT KEYWORDS!

Our PLR articles help you get top rankings fast & easy – keyword research is the secret weapon!

Over 110 “Article Announcements Blogs” help make getting top rankings and traffic easy!


How much MONEY can YOU make with this incredible one stop content & traffic solution??? Watch this video!

Earnings Potential Video

Auto Instant Profits | Set It Up And Watch Th Cash Roll In Automatically

Value: $17

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Are you struggling to make consistent money online…or struggling to make any money at all? If you’re brand new and haven’t made a serious attempt yet, is your brain sore from trying to learn everything the so-called experts say you need to know?

We’re guessing that your wallet is sore from buying a bunch of stuff that hasn’t paid off, while you’re just about to drown from information overload?

Well you’re not alone!

94% of internet marketers actually suffer from this exact same fate. With only an elite group earning a huge chuck of the money made online.

Remember the 80-20 rule?

” It’s For Real…”

We ourselves have also experimented with every possible method to make any significant money online – it was a nightmare of failures….

Forex Bill Killer

On October 21, 2011, in Forex, by Kevin

Forex Bill Killer

Value: $107

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And that’s just a simple trade on a small account… More indisputable proofs below!

If you’ve been beating your head against the wall, wondering if there was an easier way to stack the odds in your favor, this is it!

This slick, extremely efficient, unique strategy has already changed the lives of many experienced and novice traders…

Read on to discover how it could change yours as well…

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Facebook Products Get 10,000 Fans

On October 20, 2011, in E-books & Course, by Kevin

Facebook Products Get 10,000 Fans

Value: $400+

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You will get:
Fan Page Generator
Fan Page Graphics
Fan Page Guide
Fan Page iFrame Secrets
Fan Page Scripts
Fan Page Webinar
Fan Page Ad Secrets

Here are my top facebook marketing products. If there is something you’re trying to learn how to do, chances are you can find out how to do it using one of these training products. If there is a product you’d like to see, just shoot me an email using our Contact Us page.

The Fan Page Secret Guide will walk you through step-by-step showing you how to setup the perfect Facebook Fan Page that converts visitors into fans. We cover everything from the perfect Fan Page Title to effectively using Facebook SEO to see your page ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These high-def video training lessons will make sure you don’t miss a single thing.

Best part is, we stand behind every product we have with a 60-day 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee.

Internet Marketing WordPress Theme | WordPress For Internet Marketers

Value: $97

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Lose money? No problem, you can always earn it back. But when you lose time, you lose it forever…

Every day that passes is a day older for you and me. Multiply that by 365 and you are a year older.

Go around and ask every marketer you meet: “Do you have enough time?”

And most will answer: “No I don’t have enough time. There simply aren’t enough hours in a day.”

The reason why “there aren’t enough hours in a day” is because they are spending time doing the wrong tasks.

Tasks such as designing and/or programming their site when they are not designers or programmers to begin with.

(not to mention that even if you manage to create your site, it’s most likely to be low quality because – let’s face it – you’re not a designer or programmer…)

You know what’s smart?