Headway Premium WordPress Theme 2.0.10

On October 20, 2011, in SEO Tools, Wordpress, by Kevin

Headway Premium WordPress Theme 2.0.10

Value: $164

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Get Started Instantly

Headway gives you a great deal of freedom and power over your blog. Where to begin? The first time you activate Headway, the Quick Start Wizard guides you smoothly through the set up and design process. Just follow the steps to choose your layout, colors, and more.
Killer Features

Headway lets you copy and paste your Google analytics code, achieve effortless rounded corners, generate a color scheme automatically based on the colors in your header image, use “hooks” without writing PHP, attain search engine optimization nirvana without adding any extra plugins, and much more. These are only a few of the killer features in Headway.
Design Visually

Who says you have to dig deep into HTML and code to change the layout of your site? Headway’s Visual Editor lets you do anything from creating a standard blog page to creating an e-commerce site. And of course, Headway can create unique layouts for each and every one of your pages.
The Best SEO Features Built-In

Headway features the best search engine optimization features out of any blog theme out there—all built in. No need for extra SEO plugins. Being visible in search engines is imperative for internet survival, and with Headway, SEO is easy to implement at the blog, page and post levels.

Forex Candle King

On October 20, 2011, in Forex, by Kevin

Forex Candle King

Value: $49

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Today Will Be The Day You Make Your Highest Profiting FX Trade Ever In The Fastest Time You Could Ever Imagine!

Dear Forex Trader,

I bet you’re a lot like me… You’ve probably spent many mornings in the past watching the latest news while at the same time FRANTICALLY flipping through charts and patterns like a caffeine-driven maniac hoping to DISCOVER some kind of trend or indicator that would make all the difference and have you pulling in profits like Warren Buffet!

You probably purchased some of the same courses I did that promised virtually overnight success only to find they left you MORE confused and failed to produce any kind of even half-way decent results that you could bet your financial future on.


Beat The Slap

On October 20, 2011, in E-books & Course, by Kevin

Beat The Slap

Value: $197

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“Learn Step-By-Step How To Slap Google Back… And Get A Ton Of Cheap PPC Traffic To Your Website. This Is NOT Black-Hat. 100% Google-Legal!”

Even if … all your keywords have been Google slapped…

Even if … your quality score is less than 5/10, your minimum bids are $5 and your ads are no longer showing!

Yes, even YOU can beat the Google Slap … no matter your account history, your quality scores or your current minimum bids!
Look At This PROOF From Inside My AdWords Account Since 2004:

Dear Internet Marketer (…who wants to slap Google back!)

his is a shocking true Google Slap story. I have been advertising on Google AdWords since 14 March 2004 and have used them to drive 1,018,479 visitors to a niche site.

When I first started it took me thousands of hours setting up my AdWords account… researching all my keywords. Split-testing ad headlines and body copy to maximize my CTR.

I thought I had maximized my traffic from both the search and content networks (… that was before I got slapped!)

I Was Getting 5 Cent Clicks…


Forex Hijacker

On October 20, 2011, in Forex, by Kevin

Forex Hijacker

Value: $450

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Dear Friend,

There’s nothing ‘random’ about it…

Every day global banking institutions herd traders into a corner, engineer a frenzy and then fleece them for everything they’ve got as they panic buy/sell.

It’s a cold, calculated move and it makes them billions.

Now you can sit back and let them carry on using these bullyboy tactics for their own gain… OR you can take action today and start claiming your share.

My conservative estimate is that you could make £4,068 a month from this.

That’s following the basic trades I’ll email you first thing in the morning, showing you when and where to place your levels.

I do all the actual ‘work’ for you.

I’ll analyse the market in advance and spot where the Market Makers are likely to engineer their next profit frenzy.


WP TRAFFIC FORCE – 1,011,402 of Free Traffic Install In 5 Minutes WordPress Plugin SEE PRO

Value: $27.67

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Dear Fellow Warrior,

My name is Rahmat and I am not an SEO expert. I feel that generating traffic is a very frustrating process… until I found the system..

Does this describe you?

Do you buy traffic that you find it very expensive?

You become very frustated with increase in traffic price of CPM, CPC.

Have you bought many backlink-packets that you find it very tiresome to be implemented?

Very unstable that the backlinks you acquire last week is gone now? And no significant traffic generated?

Do you use wordpress as a platform for your website?

Have you heard that wordpress takes care of most of your SEO aspects automatically?

Do you jump from wso to wso, but never seem to take action with any of them?

If you said yes, then you are with me. Because I’ve got great news for you.

Forex Pip Taker – New Generation Swing Trading System That Takes Hundreds of Pips At a Time

Value: $77

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Are you tired of scalping 10 pips here and 10 pips there? Are you tired of starring at your screen 8 to 10 hours a day? Are you tired of “stressing yourself out” only to make a few pips a day if you’re lucky?

If you answered YES – then you’re amongst thousands of other traders in the same situation.

It’s a statistical fact that most traders try and scalp the 1 minute time frame, and day after day end up losing more than they win. Why does the 1 minute time frame attract so many traders? Because they think that higher time frames will create more risk resulting in bigger losses. When in reality, it’s the exact opposite. In fact, it makes much more sense to try and make 300 pips on a single trade than to try and make 10 pips.

You see, trading the 1 minute time frame is like trying to trade on a rollercoaster ride! You have all those ups and downs…called noise, that in the end – will cause YOU to lose trade after trade! Why? Because 90% of the time you’ll be trading against the trend, and the worst part is – you won’t even realize it because it’s virtually impossible to see what the actual trend is on a noisy one minute time frame.



Value: $10

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Dear Warrior,

CPA offers have been extremely popular for quite some time and there’s very little chance they’re going away any time soon. One of the biggest issues with actually leveraging the high conversion and great pay out rates of these offers is securing high quality traffic that converts…without WASTING your money. What you’re about to purchase and discover is going to blow your mind…a way to get free traffic with ZERO risk involved…meaning you don’t pay for the traffic until you’ve earned your money.

What’s the secret? It might surprise you but I figured out a STUPID-SIMPLE way to tap into lazy webmaster’s desire for fast cash to get my hands on their red-hot, super-targeted traffic to KILL it with ANY CPA offers. It’s so simple and so powerful it can be easily scaled out to virtually any amount of money you want to make without the fuss of PPC, article marketing or other SEO practices that might be rendered useless with one fell swoop of the Google ban-hammer.



Value: $10

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Hey Warriors,

I believe I have stumbled over something ridiculously powerful that has the potential to turn the Internet Marketing world on it’s head.

It’s a little secret that I discovered while I was bored just wasting time surfing the net.

As I am sure you know this whole Internet Marketing thing can become very overwhelming and it can get down right frustrating when you spend hours and hours researching but it’s all just the same old stuff that never brings in any money.

This Thing Is Super Powerful & Get’s Results Fast!

Now I can’t reveal what this secret is here but I happened to be just wasting time online one day and a light bulb went off.

It was one of those things that was so simple you felt silly for not thinking of it before.

When that light bulb went off I was a little excited, I sat there staring at the screen saying to myself “I have to be missing something, it can’t be that easy”.

How To Make $1,000+ Payments Over and Over on Auto Pilot! EXACT STEPS – NEWBIE FRIENDLY!

Value: $9

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Hello Warriors,

Today I’ve got something really different to share with you… I’m about to reveal a method I’ve kept secret for over a year…

A method that will pay you up to $1000 – $2000+ for a SINGLE transaction! (And the cool thing is that once your “system” is in place you’ll make those fat commissions on total auto-pilot).

I realized that there is no need for such secrecy anymore. There’s plenty of room for everyone and saturation is definitely NOT an issue. I’ve decided to reveal ALL my secrets in a crystal clear, step-by-step fashion to my fellow Warriors…

How would you like to make $1,000 or more for every single transaction? Wouldn’t that be a lot better than the “typical” $20 – $40 you’re used to?


PROOF! — Over $41,470 in Less Than 2 Months (Simple System Revealed)

Value: $9

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Dear Warrior:

Are you trying to make money fast? Are you looking for a way to pay off your credit card?

Or, are you ready to completely wipe out your depressing mortgage? Or, on the bright side, are you trying to save up for that Disney World vacation?

Listen closely –!

If you want to generate money extremely fast… using a simple cash-pulling system, then you are going to be thrilled.

But first… does this sound like you?

Are you frustrated that you can’t quickly create profit-getting products? Are you confused or depressed about your ability to make money now? Are you just plain sick and tired of not being able to get started?