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Finally – Now You Get To Be Ahead Of Your Competitors!

Dear Friend,

Did you know that people are visiting your web site – right now – via there mobile devices? Did you know that if you don’t have a mobile version of your web site, you could be losing prospects and potential customers?


Check your Google analytics for your web site and you will see that I am speaking the truth. The mobile marketing revolution is here and the faster you get up to speed on your mobile marketing knowledge – the faster you stay ahead of your competitors.

I have to admit that at one point I became obsessed with learning everything I could about mobile marketing. I had my share of success and mostly failures in my early mobile marketing career.

That is when I met Kim Dushinski who a like to call “The Mobile Queen” because of her vast knowledge in mobile marketing. It was with her guidance that I fully understood how to do mobile marketing the right way and pretty soon I was able to start having more successes than failures.

We have since developed a great friendship and together have teamed up to create the MobiBlueprint training program.

The MobiBlueprint training program will go a long way towards cutting down your mobile marketing learning curve.


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On October 19, 2011, in SEO Tools, by Kevin

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Hi, I’m Kevin Lam!

You probably don’t know me, but I’ve been quietly making money online since 2001. By the time I was 19, I had generated over $150,000 from home. I currently run a successful web design and online marketing firm here in Texas, called Rank Above Others.

Why should you care about what I have to say? Because I deal with multi-million dollar companies all the time and I understand what is “big” and what is “small” in terms of innovations and possibilities. My whole entire company is built on that premise of doing big things and standing out.

We are working towards creating as many powerful and money-generating products as we can over the next several months (no, not just for ourselves, but for our clients and customers). I have 10 more on the way. With that said, I’m here to present you with the Splash Plugin.

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WHOA… that’s A LOT of potential “Likes” (the Facebook equivalent to “subscribing”)! And you would be doing yourself, your business, and/or your organization a huge disservice if you neglect this marketing channel… so, we at have made it painless & affordable for businesses and individuals to establish a professional presence in front of the 500 Million Active Facebook Users.

1. Professional, Fully Customizable Facebook “Home” Page Template

Seamlessly connect your Facebook Page to your existing Website for a sleek, comfortable visitor experience.

Easily link to your Facebook *Home* Page to your internal Facebook Pages such as your wall, discussion board, and more.