Perry Marshall - Look Over Perrys Shoulder Email Writing Course

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Dear Marketing Professional:

I’m famous for my Google books, 80/20, B2B marketing techniques, my autoresponder “Maze” strategy, and all-around geekiness.

But anyone who’s been around Planet Perry for any length of time well knows… email is the real secret sauce.

In a webinar, live, in front of hundreds of attendees. I wrote emails without advanced notice or preparation for three attendees. You can see and hear the questions I ask them, then watch the persuasion magic happen. You get access to all three session, both audio and video. (No transcripts however. You have to SEE this.)

You’ll see all the tools and techniques I use along the way, and witness how an ugly gray hunk of play-doh becomes a finely sculptured work of art. Each session runs about an hour and a half.

I did this at Dan Kennedy’s $26,000 per year Titanium Mastermind Group and it brought the


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