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On November 24, 2011, in IM Softwares, by Kevin

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I Was Blown Away!

After seeing Rob’s results, I told Rob that we needed to crank things up! Everything he created was fantastic, but I wanted to turn this into the Power Ping.FM Poster! Here’s what we’ve done to Ping.FM Poster to turn this into an industrial, hard working automation tool.

  • The Power Ping.FM Poster takes automation to a whole new level!
  • You can use as many Ping.FM accounts with this tool as you’d like! Imagine being able to post to multiple profiles all across the web.
  • You can create spinnable posts! This will almost eliminate the chances of getting accounts closed as the social networks are getting smart to repeated posts.
  • You can create unlimited and spinnable posts that contain your backlinks. Yes, you can syndicate as many links as you like. From one to 1,000 links if you’d like.
  • Unique Anti-Spam Algorithm to protect your social accounts. Using a unique proprietary algorithm, we will mix standard information posts with your linking posts to allow you to ‘fly under the radar’ and not get your social accounts closed as spammer accounts.
  • Power Ping.FM Poster contains an automatic throttling control. I hate having to figure out proxies and such, so we’ve built in a unique proprietary throttle mechanism that will allow you to only ping to Ping.FM only so much. Just about every web site on the planet will cut you off if you are trying to post too much unless you use proxies. Now, I’ll tell you that proxies can be highly unreliable and/or expensive. And they are a pain. With the built-in throttle control, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t get banned.

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