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On December 7, 2011, in IM Softwares, by Kevin

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How Plus One Profits Work




Plus One Profits is a wordpress plugin that automatically puts a "google +1" button on your page in under 27 seconds.It's simple: go to any page or post in wordpress and you'll be able to click the button that the green arrow is pointing to below...
Once you click that button then this light box will pop up...
If you do nothing but just click submit, it will put the standard +1 button on your page and any time someone clicks that button it will "plus one" the page you put it on!

It will show up on your page like this on your page...

If you want to fiddle with the options at all, you can actually enter a URL and when someone clicks the button, it will "+1" whatever website URL you put in. You can also show how many people have "+1'd" your page and also you can redirect someone to a different page after they click the +1 button if you wish.

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